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"Hiring Connor helped us get incredibly clear and precise with our brand. If more designers were like him we would have a significantly more beautiful world."

Chris Williamson

Modern Wisdom


World-Class Creators and Personal Brands are you…

Struggling with Brand Differentiation

No one can distinguish your brand from the competition, making it impossible to stand out in the crowded digital marketplace.

Not Connecting With Your Target Audience

You’re unable to identify and connect with your target audience, leading to ineffective content strategies, and misallocated resources.

Wasting Time on Design Decisions

Due to a lack of brand clarity and coherent structure to your visual identity, you’re wasting time (and money) on tasks that don’t benefit you. You don’t have a reliable system in place to scale and manage your brand.

You can overcome these problems with…

Unmistakable Branding

As your dedicated design partner, I make it my priority to ensure your brand stands out impressively and doesn't blend into the background. Together, we'll craft a distinctive visual identity that encapsulates your values and unique stories, making your brand unforgettable.

Effortless Scalability

I don't just design for today; I design with your future in mind. Ensuring that as your brand flourishes and evolves, your brand system can effortlessly adapt. This guarantees your visuals remain cohesive and consistent, regardless of how explosive your growth stages become.

Designs Made for Impact

I firmly believe that your brand goes beyond mere aesthetics - it's a catalyst for change. My mission is to aid you in becoming the trusted voice you deserve to be. Through my world-class design and strategy, your brand's message will amplify, transforming lives in ways you never thought possible.

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What my previous clients say about me...


Chris Williamson
Modern Wisdom

His process made me feel like
he cares about my brand...

“Connor has an extraordinary ability to translate my vague ideas into a comprehensive brand identity. His process made me feel like he cares about my brand just as much as I do; I felt absolutely comfortable with him, and routinely impressed with his suggestions.”

Alex O’Connor - Cosmic Skeptic

Connor’s work has enabled me
to be more confident...

“Connor’s work has enabled me to be more confident with my brand and massively increased the strength of my personal branding.”

Dain Walker - Rivyl

Connor is the perfect blend
of strategy and design...

"Connor is the perfect blend of strategy and design. His world class creative talents are equally matched with his ability to translate consumer insights and strategic intent into brand identity systems that are super-charged with purpose."

Josh Kaplan - Capital One

I was blown away by his work
and wouldn't use anybody else...

“Connor has an incredible way of pulling thoughts and ideas out of your head, and turning them into a beautiful and cohesive identity. He is extremely meticulous with his work and often comes up with concepts you hadn't thought about. I was blown away by his work and wouldn't use anybody else. As somebody who isn't creative, he's a dream to work with.”

Tom Osman (Ozzy) - Shiny Object Social Club

We had an extension to our team
rather than an external firm...

“Collaborating together was excellent and it felt like we had an extension to our team rather than an external firm. We are thrilled with the outcome.”

Brian Johnson - Well Told

He provided great feedback
design and content-wise...

"Connor's conversational style and personality made it easy for me to open and share my struggles. He provided great feedback design and content-wise and also pointed me to some resources and actionable next steps for me to improve my brand."

Alex Llull

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Some of my
recent projects

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How We Make Your Brand Hard2Kill

Phase 1: Brand Clarity, Strategy
& Creative Direction

We commence with an intensive workshop focused on your brand's voice, goals, and audience, laying the groundwork for our collaboration. Following this, I scrutinize audience perception and your public persona, identifying areas for enhancement to ensure a unified, resonant brand voice. This data is then turned into two high-fidelity creative directions encapsulating your brand's ethos.

What’s included:

1x Remote workshop (sometimes split into two sessions) to understand and align your brand voice, goals and target audience. Distilled into a report on how your audience perceives you and your personality in the public domain.

2x Distinct high-fidelity creative directions (sometimes called stylescapes) that reflect their brand voice effectively. This will include a variety of images across design, colour, photography and more. Informing the path for phase 2.

Phase 2: Brand Identity Design

Here, I architect your brand's visual identity by generating two comprehensive brand concepts, incorporating elements such as logo design, typefaces, and color palettes. These are showcased via mockups to give a glimpse of real-world applications. From these, you select one concept which, if necessary, can be refined through two rounds of revisions.

What’s included:

2x Brand identity concepts that include a logo design, typeface(s), colour palette(s). Including presentations of concepts with real-world mockups and applications.

Phase 3: Brand Executions,
Tools & Guidelines

Once the brand identity is in place, I move on to creating a selection of brand assets to ensure a consistent brand image across all platforms. These assets range from a signature style for YouTube thumbnails to podcast artwork. Furthermore, I provide a brand identity guideline document, acting as a comprehensive manual for using your new identity.

What’s included:

Youtube thumbnail signature style (3x concepts)

Podcast artwork (1x final artwork)

Social media content examples (3x concepts)

Brand identity guidelines

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How I’ve Helped Clients

"Connor is the rare designer whose creative output emerges from a combination of structured thinking and exacting client communication. He endeavors to understand the contextual value of branding and creates assets that provide not only a visual identity, but an authentic and aspirational corporate vocabulary. By de-stressing the brand identity process, Connor offers both a critical service as well as the opportunity for partnered thinking around what is and what can be."

Andrew Burmon - Paperwork Studios

"You opened my eyes to the fundamental misalignment in our communication."

Navilan - Puthir

"Connor's ability to ask meaningful questions, and patiently listen sets him apart from others we have spoken to. We feel extremely confident about working with him, knowing that our branding strategy is in safe hands."

Naeem Parvez - Co-Founder & COO Digitalina

“Connor did an incredible job listening and extracting valuable insights from our conversation in a way that helps me with my path forward. His ability to capture my essence and reflect it back to me in a clear, concise manner was stunning. His accent is a pleasure to listen to as well.”

Jeannie Chamberlain - Elements of Life Coaching

"Connor took me through a really well structured process to help me nail down the messaging for my brand. In an hour we discovered some great areas to focus on, and in the brief he gave me afterwards I have several specific next steps to work on. I can't recommend doing this highly  enough!"

Ben Ford - Commando Development

"Thank you so much for your time and pointing me in the right direction. Your questioning style really helped me unpack a lot. Almost like business therapy."

Steven Sajja - PiCortex

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About Me

Hello, I'm Connor aka cfowlerdesign.

I'm dedicated to helping courageous creators and thought leaders magnify their voices and impact through distinct visual branding.

In 2020 confined to my home, I kept my mind active by listening to the voices of some of the most thought-provoking individuals of our time - Joe Rogan, Chris Williamson, Adam Curry, and many more.

These individuals resonated deeply with my inherent tendency to challenge the status quo and seek out unconventional wisdom.

Combined with my observation of the stifling lack of free expression in corporate work, I decided to shift my focus towards personal brands and individuals who sought the truth, dared to question consensus, and share their stories openly.

Today, I specialize in creating resilient and unmistakable brand identity systems for creators, authors, speakers, and podcasters.


Who do you typically work with?

My clients include world-class and rising online creators and podcasters who are pushing the boundaries and obsessed with their mission. We should align on core values like courage, sovereignty, loyalty, resilience, and more. So, If you are sharing a message that is designed to spark curiosity, action, and challenge consensus thinking, we are likely a good fit (and you should book a call).

Do you work with clients of all levels of experience?

I work with a range of clients from entry-level to established creators and podcasters. The process truly shines when I collaborate with established individuals, with a strong message, aiming to accelerate their growth trajectory and refine their visual identity. Given the nature of my design system, this high-level partnership often yields the most effective results in both the short and long term.

Are you an agency?

No. I may hire additional people from time to time to aid projects with a larger scope but, you will always have direct contact with me. No middlemen, no project managers, just straight talk the entire way.

How much does working with you cost?

My rates start from $9,000 (USD) and can vary depending on your objective, audience, and the quantity of final design deliverables. All projects have a minimum 50% deposit upfront before work begins. The best way for me to provide an accurate quote is on a call with you during our free brand discovery session.

How long does your process take?

Typical projects take around six weeks to complete. This figure can fluctuate depending on your availability for workshops and presentation meetings.

How can I start working with you?

You can get started by booking a free brand discovery session via my Calendly booking system. From there, we will discuss your needs, goals, and how I can support your brand's journey to success.

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