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Hi, I'm Connor!

I've spent my entire life surrounded by creatives, business owners and people passionate about their craft. Creativity is in my blood, business in my brain.

As a young teenager I managed my high school band, ran a clothing line and performed internationally (in places like Japan) under a solo music project. I learnt how to bring both the world of business and creativity together harmoniously.

I learnt how to market myself, promote my work and take steps no one else was willing to try.

"What does that have to do with design?"

After seven years of designing on the side I took my business full time. The logo design and branding skills I have learnt in that time are allowing me to help small business owners who have an amazing product but are unsure how to communicate that with the world.

I want to help makers, artisans and creatives take their passion and build a brand that not only resonates with their customer's but ignites the passion in them too.