Got some questions?

So you're thinking of hiring a designer to help you with your brand or business, the idea is ready and you want to get started. Starting any new project can be a little daunting so I've created a list of frequently asked questions below. Should you have any further questions please send me a message.



Q: How long does a logo design take?

The general turnaround time for a logo design is 3-5 weeks depending on my workload at the time. Full identity projects will take longer but, during our initial consultation I will provide you with an estimated timeline for the services you require. If you have a specific deadline in mind for a project, or need something in a rush please include that in your inquiry.


Q: What files do I get?

Once the project has been completed I supply all of my design work in the following formats:

  • Vector PDF

  • Vector EPS

  • Raster PNG

Each of these file formats will be supplied in both CMYK and RGB colour versions.

  • CMYK - Is made up of four colours Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. This file format is best suited to any printed application where full colour images are used.

  • RGB - Is made up of three colours Red, Green and Blue. RGB files are best suited for web and screen use and can also make use of transparency where needed.


Q: How are the final files delivered?

Your design files will be hosted on a secure section of my website for one month after the project has been completed. You will receive a password to access this page after the final invoice has been paid. Should you need access to the files, or they somehow get misplaced after this month, I can upload them again for a limited amount of time.


Q: Who owns the copyright to the design?

After the project has been signed off and the final balance has been paid the full ownership of the design work will transfer to you. I only reserve the right to show the work in my portfolio and on social media.

In the rare case we agree on an artwork license for a particular project I retain copyright and ownership of the artwork and you will receive a specific license for an agreed amount of time or uses.


Q: I have a logo design in my head already, can you just make it digital?

I appreciate and welcome your ideas and preferences for your brand, but the ultimate goal of the project must be kept in mind when creating a logo or any piece of design work. I always aim to create work that is the best solution for your business which may mean we move away from your exact vision. I focus on providing design solutions that meet your business goals, factoring in your target audience, competitors, etc.

In this case the logo design does not have to be personally liked by you but it should perform as a functional practical piece for your business. If you are looking for someone to bring your exact vision to life, without discussion, then I'm probably not the right designer for you.


Q: How many design concepts do I receive?

Typically for a logo design I will create and present three concept designs during the Development stage of the project. This number may fluctuate depending on the scope of the project and work we are doing. For example a business card design will generally not need three initial concepts. I go into more detail about each stage on my design process page.


Q: What if I don't like the first set of design concepts?

All of my design work is created with the goals of the project in mind. At the start of the project we discuss your brand, your goals and other specific information. This means when I come to present your initial concept designs I have considered every aspect of your brand and the ultimate goals for this project. I'm here to create simple effective solutions for your brand as a whole, putting functionality over aesthetic.

Although it's unlikely to happen, if you still dislike the concepts after I have presented and explained the design decisions behind them, you can sever the contract. When you sever the contract you will be billed for any work that has been completed up to this point beyond the 50% initial payment. Please see the client contract for further details.


Q: What payment methods do you accept?

My preferred method of payment is through a direct bank transfer or Wire transfer. For all payments outside of the UK I use Transferwise to complete these direct transfers. The services allows me to accept payment from almost any country or currency with almost no international payment fees. You do not need a Transferwise account for these transactions, all of the payment details are included on the invoice.

If a direct transfer is not possible and the only way to complete your payment is via Paypal or with a credit/debit card directly there will be an additional 4% transaction fee added to the invoice.