As one of my clients you will only receive the best and most professional service possible. In the section below I've outlined the typical process for a design project. This could be for a logo design or complete identity system. Each step is broken down into clear easy to follow stages to make sure your project flows smoothly.


From the very beginning I aim to build a relationship with all my clients, we're not just going to do this over email! Oh no, I'd much rather speak to you on a call or in person. After you've got in touch through the form on my website, to book a consultation, we'll set up a Skype/Zoom call to see how I can help you with your project. We'll get to know each other and understand an overview of your brand, your business goals and your project to see which of my services would bring you the most value.

Should the project be a good fit, we will then align and agree on the scope, timeline and budget. Once those details have been finalised we can move onto signing the contract and securing the initial deposit.




We've lit the fuse on your project and are now itching to get started.

The first port of call is for us to have a discovery call to help me understand the deeper details of your brand, your story, target market, competitors, goals and more for this project. Let's get all of it down on paper! Well, virtual paper anyway.

Should I have any follow up questions, or want to delve even further into any of the points you've made we can finalise these points via email.


Now I've analysed where you want to take your brand, let's turn that into visual research.

In this section I'll create a custom Pinterest board for your brand. The board will include photography, colour palettes, typography and example logo designs that reflect the direction we are aiming to take your new branding. It's going to be like a fireworks display for your brand, ideas popping off to make one beautiful show!

We'll then hop on a call to iron out any questions and really nail the visual direction for your brand.




This is the time to start getting excited, we're about to start building your new designs! After you've approved the brand board it's time to start developing the initial concepts.

For a logo design we'll start out with three digital concepts that are created with your brand story, vision and goals in mind. I'll then tie all of these concepts together in a neat presentation that demonstrates a complete solution. Logo directions, mockups, typography, colours and more will be inside this concept presentation.

I'll walk you through each concept on a call where you will be able to see how each concept reflects your goals for this project and the future of your brand. At the end of the day, we're looking to create a solution for your business, not just selecting the prettiest design. It needs to represent your brands story and also resonate with your customers! After the presentation call it's time for you to provide detailed, relevant feedback in an email.

The number of concept designs may fluctuate slightly depending on the type and scope of the project but, the exact figures will be agreed upon during the consultation phase.




Your feedback will then be used to further develop and iterate on the initial design concepts. For most projects there will be a maximum of two rounds of revision to narrow and refine one design concept down to it's completed state.

The revised version will be presented to you on a Skype call and once approved we'll move on to wrapping up any loose ends!


After you've signed off the final design work, you will be billed for the remaining balance. As soon as I receive the final payment I will release the download link to your files!

That's it we're done, time to have a drink, relax and get these designs out into the world!



If you're itching to get started and discuss your project drop me an email and let's start to work on your story!