International Banking Logo Design

Being a digital nomad has become quite a sought after lifestyle in recent times. Traveling the world, working on your own terms all providing you have an internet connection. But there are some difficulties with constantly being on the move and running your own business.

YacaYogo has created a solution to one of the most major problems - international banking. Their system is designed to provide international banking without the headaches, helping digital nomads achieve financial freedom through convenient, fast and mobile based services.

We created a logo design that intertwined YacaYogo's branding and core international services with their passion for customer satisfaction.   


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yacayogo international banking app logo ui design cfowlerdesign connor fowler
yacayogo international bank business card stationery design cfowlerdesign connor fowler uk
yacayogo cfowlerdesign connor fowler uk digital nomad banking app logo design
yacayogo connor fowler cfowlerdesign brand colour palette international bank
yacayogo bank logo design international cfowlerdesign connor fowler uk

"Connor had been recommended by a friend of mine. I must say I truly enjoyed the process, the professionalism and the creativity that Connor brought to the table, with a great logo as the end result."

- Duncan Van Tongeren, CEO of YacaYogo

yacayogo cfowlerdesign connor fowler uk ui mockup international bank logo